Baby Music

Kursraum mit Instrumenten

Neu im Kursangebot der FamilienZitadelle! Englische Musik-Kurse für Babys und Kleinkinder!

Dier Kurse sind sowohl für englische Muttersprachler als auch für Familien, in denen normalerweise Deutsch oder eine andere Sprache gesprochen wird – denn die gemeinsame Sprache im Kurs ist schließlich die Musik!

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KURSTAG: Montag 

Uhrzeit: 10.00 Uhr bis 10.40 Uhr und 11.o0 Uhr bis 11.40 Uhr

Baby Music – for babies 3-10 months old


Did you know? Even before birth, babies respond and react to music and their parents’ singing.

Start your baby’s week with a session of singing, music making, movement and colour, exploring, and fun. Share the joy of music with your baby, as you connect and learn together.

In this relaxed class, for babies aged from three months old, little ones and adults alike will cherish this nurturing musical experience.

Sessions include singing songs and lullabies, action and movement songs, speech rhymes, physical development activities with movement and music, dancing, sensory exploration, sharing and lots of fun.

At the end of the structured Baby Music session there will be time for relaxing, free play, sharing and chatting with other parents.

Moving Baby Music- for babies 10-24 months old


This is an action-packed class for babies on the move; for walkers and non walkers. Filled with movement and variety, it’s perfect for little ones who are starting to explore and move independently.

Together we sing, listen, learn actions and moves to develop motor skills, dance, discover and play.

We’ll sing lots your favourite children’s songs (and learn new ones!), improvise on percussion instruments, discover new concepts, and explore music through all the senses.

As well as being lots of fun, early childhood musical activities can also help boost language and learning skills as children grow.

You will create a special bond with music and your baby, as they are encouraged to create and respond to music, and we explore all the joy it can bring!

At the end of the structured Moving Baby Music session there will be time for relaxing, free play, sharing and chatting with other parents.

Baby Music mit Louise Watts_2


Der Kurs wird geleitet von der englischen Muttersprachlerin Louise Watts.

Neue Kurse ab Februar 2022! Kurstag ist Montag!

10.00 bis 11.00 Uhr für Babys von 10 bis 24 Monate

11.15 Uhr bis 12.15 Uhr für Babys von 4 bis 10 Monate. Hier gibt es noch freie Plätze!

15.30 Uhr bis 16.15 Uhr und 16.30 Uhr bis 17.15 Uhr für Babys von 10 bis 24 Monate


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