Dance for preschoolers and Kita kids


These classes are an introduction to dance for preschoolers and Kita aged children. The classes use basic elements from modern dance, ballet, acrobatics and creative dance to get the kids moving in an educational and engaging way. We will learn about posture, musicality, how to follow instructions with our bodies, and most importantly of all; we will have fun! This class is taught in both English and German.

The teacher, Ayesha Katz, is an Australian dancer and dance teacher.
She has been extensively trained in contemporary dance, ballet, acrobatics and compositional dance. Alongside her professional dance career, Ayesha is currently pursuing her love for teaching children.

Foto: © Ayesha Katz

Der Kurs läuft insgesamt 9 Mal, jeweils 45 Minuten.


Mittwoch von 15.30 Uhr bis 16.15 für 2,5 bis 4,5 jährige Kinder.

Mittwoch von 16.30 Uhr bis 17.15 Uhr für 4,5 bis 6jährige Kinder.


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